"When a small child, I thought that success spelled happiness. I was wrong, happiness is like a butterfly which appears and delights us for one brief moment, but soon flits away."

~ Anna Pavlova

Miracal's Place was named after a beautiful dear friend that passed in 2013 of a troubled mind and a broken heart. Founded in 2014, three individuals with a passion for children, birth Miracal's Place in remembrance of a miracle. Being made aware, by a high school friend, of the major need for at-risk children and limited resources to care for them, the passion grew strong to reach out to meet their needs. The name Miracal, although spelled differently, strongly expresses the heart of what the GRO represents. Blessed by how fortunate we were to experience love and support from family, friends, teachers, and other individuals, we believe that encouragement can go a long way in rearing a child.

Miracal's Place is built on 8 core values:

MA Mind is a terrible thing to waste - Education is a major part of our core value. The belief that knowledge is power and teaching children to read and write is a life skill that will aid them throughout life.

IIntegrity is a major attribute- Residents entrusted to us will experience such care through practicing strong moral principles.

RResponsibility and Respect are important values to become a positive functioning individual and citizen.

AAccountability is inevitable- as an obligation for the child and their family as well as colleagues this value will be sternly exercised to enable the desired outcome.

CCaring is an attribute we must have- exhibiting concern and empathy is necessary to provide the child with a sense of protection.

AAssurance- by building assurance in each child, breakthroughs can be accomplished, bridges can be crossed, and gaps can be closed.

LLoyalty- faithful, truthful, dependable, and honesty; both children and colleagues will enable the program to be successful and self-gratifying.

SSafety is the most important and imperative- the child's security is at the forefront of our core values. All the children are precious jewels that must be protected and secured at all times.

Miracal's Place General Residential Operation is a warm, concerned, and caring home-like setting, completely dedicated to improving the quality of life for at-risk children. Miracal’s Place will provide a safe and protective environment designed to encourage and offer each child a chance for a better quality of life. The Resident of Miracal’s Place will gain the skills needed to have a successful life through patience, loyalty, and lots of love. This will assist the youth in developing in their own unique way.

Miracal’s Place is a private, for-profit agency that was established in 2014 with the specific aim of providing community-based programming to youth including supportive behavioral, social, educational, cultural and therapeutic services for youth involved in a Department of Protective Services.

Rooms with "Characters" from Beautiful Flowers to Princess Sophia...

Entertainment in the common areas

A home where transition is possible!

Miracal’s Place serves female youth with ages ranging from Five (5) through Seventeen (17) years old. It is anticipated that many of these youth may have various emotional or behavioral issues as well as experienced traumatic events in their lives.

Program Overview

Miracal’s Place offers a highly structured program which includes education, individual and group counseling, recreation, behavior management, beginning life skill program, substance abuse program, Sex offender treatment program, and family involvement programs. Programming is goal-directed incorporating a sophisticated level system which allows youths to function safely at optimal performance levels. Through an intensive therapeutic program, all youths are ensured a safe, therapeutic environment which facilitates developmental progress.

The Educational component is highly individualized according to the youth's needs and encompasses a number of educational objectives, including instruction in basic academic skills such as English language instruction as necessary, reading, writing, math, social studies, science, life skills training and social skills activities. Youth will attend school in the local Houston independent school district.