"We should certainly count our blessings,
but we should also make our blessings count."

~ Neal A. Maxwell

Overcoming all Obstacles

Miracal's Place was named after a beautiful dear friend that passed in 2013 of a troubled mind and a broken heart. Founded in 2014, three individuals with a passion for children, birth Miracal's Place in remembrance of a miracle. Being made aware, by a high school friend, of the major need for at-risk children and limited resources to care for them, the passion grew strong to reach out to meet their needs. The name Miracal, although spelled differently, strongly expresses the heart of what the GRO represents. Blessed by how fortunate we were to experience love and support from family, friends, teachers, and other individuals, we believe that encouragement can go a long way in rearing a child.

“Overcoming all Obstacles,” we declare a place and safety for all those who come this way. We are determined to maintain this peace and safe-haven by faith with corresponding actions of integrity and respect for natural and spiritual order. We are dedicated to the plan for each life so others can overcome all obstacles through faith, courage, wisdom, and serenity through declaration, demonstration, determination, dedication, and duty which is our service. We are inspiring and challenging others to pursue their destiny.

Miracal's Place General Residential Operation is a warm, concerned, and caring home-like setting, completely dedicated to improving the quality of life for at-risk children. Miracal’s Place will provide a safe and protective environment designed to encourage and offer each child a chance for a better quality of life. The Resident of Miracal’s Place will gain the skills needed to have a successful life through patience, loyalty, and lots of love. This will assist the youth in developing in their own unique way.


The Board of Directors of Miracal’s Place ultimately has the responsibility for all policies and activity programs of the center, funding, and compliance with minimum standards. Also, persons employed by or working at the operation, any family members of the owner or governing body, paid consultants, or others who benefit financially from the operation (such as subcontractors or vendors), may not compromise a majority of the voting members of the governing body.

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